Name: Dorine Dieleman

Modus Operandi: Lead- & backingvocals

Tools: Shure SM87 beta / Shure SM58beta

Start career: Zodra ik kon lopen en de knop van de radio ontdekte. Sindsdien is mijn liefde voor muziek alleen maar groter geworden. Ben al gauw diverse instrumenten gaan bespelen, maar zingen bleek mijn echte grote passie!

Played with: Gespeeld met: Hype vanaf 1999 tot heden met veel live optredens. Daarvoor sinds mijn 15e begonnen met bandjes, Innocence, Sequence, Doggybag, Cover-express, diverse schoolbands etcetc

Inspired by: Ik heb brede interesse en geniet van diverse muziekstijlen, dus teveel om op te noemen

Also likes: Zelf optreden, goede live-bands zien, reizen, fotograferen

In Dean since: December 2018

Erik-Kop polaroid

Name: Erik Battem

Modus OperandiDrums / backing vocals

Tools: Yamaha Beech Custom, Stage Custom. Vic Firth Sticks., Roland SPD 30. Pearl Birch Master Studio. Paiste signature Cymbals

Start career: Due to amnesia…it could be the middle 70’s

Played with: B70, Dirty Harry and the Magnumhorns, Two for the Road, Oud Vet, Emergendizer, Double Vision, Light Feet etc…… And a lot of sessions!

Inspired by: Masters like Art Blakey, Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson , Stevie Wonder….

Also likes: Toto, Tower of Power, EWF, Concerts, Craft beers, Food, Work, Travelling

In Dean since: 2013


johan polaroid

Name: Johan ten Veen

Modus Operandi: Bassguitar

Tools: guitars: Cort A5, Fender Jazz Bass
amp: TC-electronics RH450, Little Mark 250, cabinet: Hartke VX410

Start career: Long time ago

Played with: Streetlife, Blue Dog (USA), Hillstead Marmalade,  the Amsterdam Funk Connection, Backline Band (Dld), Many Moons, Little by Little, Cottontone (nog steeds)

Inspired by:  Bassplayers that know to groove, are versatile and know that less is more, such as Bernard Edwards, Francis Rocco Prestia, Nathan East,

Also likes: Geology, my family, funky blues

In Dean since: April 2015


Dean Logo TranspName: John Hogenkamp

Modus OperandiKeys and Sound Engineer

ToolsYamaha Motif ES6, Korg Wavestation, Kurzweil K2000, Roland D-50, Yamaha DX-7

Start careerVery long time ago...

Played withUCIT, MajestiQ, Sounds Like B4, Duo 2FeelGood, No Kiddin, Hot Leggs, Harlem Oil, Res-Q and many, many more.

Inspired byMezzo Forte, Casiopea, Toto, Jean Michelle Jarre, Alan Parsons

Also likes: Recording, composing, computer programming, website development

In Dean since: april 2015


pascalName: Pascal Raymond Dorland

Modus Operandi: Leadvocals & Guitar

Tools: Fender Telecaster (Customed) Gibson Les Paul - Taylor acoustic - VOX AX-30 / Fender Mustang III / Laney ac. amp.

Start career: Playing music in '76, really playing in a band since '93

Played with: TIEZ (Still do) Ugo, JLC, Res-Q, Piggy & The Perverts, Slumberdogs, eva..

Inspired by: Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Albert Collins, Guns 'n Roses

Also likes: Mini & the Little boy Fáelán, Harley Davidson, photography

In Dean since: The big bang..



Name: Vincent Dorland

Modus Operandi: Guitar

Tools: Gibson Les Paul - Marshall JCM900

Start career: Somewhere in the'00's..

Played with: Dean..

Inspired by: Guns 'n Roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Michael Jackson

Also likes: Cooking!

In Dean since: forever